About Evequest Legal - UAE Lawyer

Everquest helps French, British and Turkish native speakers and citizens needing a UAE Lawyer or legal assistance in the United Arab Emirates.

UAE Lawyer for British, French and Turkish Citizens

If you speak English, French or Turkish and need a lawyer in the UAE (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman Fujairah, Ras al Khaimah or Umm al Quwain) we can guide you to the resolution that you require.

If you need a lawyer in Dubai then it’s likely that you are either looking at a business opportunity and want to cover all your risks. Alternatively, you may be facing a civil or criminal case in the UAE and need a lawyer or solicitor to advise you.

We can help you.

UAE Lawyer That Knows Your Culture

One of the biggest frustrations that our clients face is that they are not familiar with Emirati law and UAE solicitors are not familiar with your requirements.

Language, culture, economics and social behaviour are all critical in helping you build a bond with the team who represents you in court. 

Our team has lawyers who have qualified in the UK, the US and France – native and fluent speakers – who have practised law in your country. 

Discussing your dreams and your fears in your native tongue, with a UAE lawyer who understands, makes a huge difference in being able to win the case, sign the deal, and put your fears and anxieties to bed.

We do this for you

UAE Lawyer That Understands Your Needs

We are here so that you can talk to us, in English as you would in London, in French as you would in Paris, in Turkish as you would in Istanbul, and be heard. 

Once we have heard what you need to say then we work with local lawyers to make sure that you get the results that you need. We translate, We manage. We get results for you.

We know that it is stressful for you

When isn’t is stressful dealing with a lawyer? It doesn’t need to be like that. For us the focus is on helping those in need, that’s you, not being lawyers. We use the law to win your cases. We don’t use the law to leave you feeling foolish, vulnerable or angry.

UAE Lawyer That Takes The Stress Away

We use the law

So that your contracts, your new business flourish. We use the law so that life’s unfairness doesn’t ruin your future. We use the law to make sure that things work out for you the first time around, and if they didn’t then we make sure that you get a second chance.

That is what the law is for, this is what we do for you.