Hire a Dubai Turk Avukat

Are you Turkish? Do you need a lawyer in Dubai or the UAE? Do you need a Dubai Turk Avukat?

If you do you have a choice.

You can use a local lawyer. They will be very skilled and may be able to help you win your case.

They won’t speak Turkish though. You’ll have to talk to them in English or Arabic. If you aren’t fluent in English or Arabic, there is going to be a barrier between you and your lawyer.

Do you want that? Can you afford that? What legal case do you need to win? What will you lose if the local lawyer can’t understand exactly what you want to say, or if communication is tough.

We understand.

Use a Dubai Turk Avukat

The alternative is to use use a Dubai Turk Avukat. What you get with Everquest is a native turkish speaker as your Dubai Turk Avukat.

She understand everything that you can’t say or explain to someone who is not Turkish. She understands where you are coming from, and why this case is important to you.

That makes a difference when we fight for your rights. When we fight your side of the case.

At Everquest, our lawyers have solid international legal experience, in New York, in London, and Paris. Above all they understand what it is to be Turkish in Dubai and to be fighting a criminal or civil case in Dubai.

It makes a big difference if you and your Dubai Turk Avukat speak the same language, and you can focus on the details of your case. There are no communication problems. There are no cultural misunderstandings. There are no moments when you look at your lawyer and think – why didn’t she (he) understand me.

With Everquest Legal you can talk to us in Turkish – as fast as you want, with as much slang as you want. We don’t even mind if you swear (but not in court please!).

Whatever you need so that we can defend you.

If you want to work with the best Dubai Turk Avukat in the UAE contact us today for a free initial consultation.

In Turkish 🙂

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